Lori Jahnke awarded grant for Digital Archives and Indigenous Afterlives of Scientific Objects project.

Lori Jahnke, the Department of Anthropology librarian, and her colleagues at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, University of Iowa, and researchers at Fiocruz will share a three-year grant from the National Science Foundation aimed at responsible management of scientific collections created under unequal power dynamics. Jahnke and her colleagues plan to establish and test a methodology for collaborative, community-based work to document and understand subjects’ experience of scientific research and the afterlives of scientific objects that are produced. The project will help researchers reevaluate assumptions about data collection, their methodologies, intellectual property and knowledge production.

Read more about the research here.

Southeast Asian Mental Health Conference

Emory alumni Dr. Kathy Trang and Dr. Elena Lesley, along with Dr. Seinenu Thein, with the support of the Foundation for Psychocultural Research and Culture Mind Brain Network, are co-organizing the Southeast Asian Mental Health (SEAMH) Initiative and will be held virtually this September 10th – 11th.

Learn more about the Southeast Asian Mental Health Initiative here.

We are excited for the future of SEAMH and would like to invite anyone interested in the conference or in the larger initiative of strengthening MHPSS infrastructure in Southeast Asia to sign up for the SEAMH listserv. Also take a moment to review the schedule and register for the conference here.