Dr. Peggy Barlett receives Sustainability Lifetime Achievement Award

Goodrich C. White Professor Emerita Peggy Barlett was recently honored during the Emory Office of Sustainability Initiative’s Virtual Earth Day Celebration with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Prof. Barlett has served on the faculty of the Department of Anthropology at Emory since 1976. In her tribute to Prof. Barlett, who retired in Summer 2020, Prof. Bobbi Patterson highlighted Prof. Barlett’s many contributions to Emory’s national leadership in campus sustainability, her service to students, and her numerous academic accomplishments.

From Professor Barlett’s innumerable contributions to the field and practice of sustainable food, her ignition of long-term commitments to sustainability among Emory faculty through her creation of the Piedmont Project, and her path-breaking leadership on behalf of women faculty at Emory, her impact has been immeasurable. 

At the same event, Anthropology staff Eva Stotz was named Outstanding Sustainability Representative.  Prof. Bobbi Patterson (Religion) and Prof. Eloise Carter (Biology – Oxford) were also honored with Sustainability Lifetime Achievement Awards.  Videos of the event are available online

One thought on “Dr. Peggy Barlett receives Sustainability Lifetime Achievement Award

  1. Congratulations Peggy!
    It is a small world. You were my Anthropology Professor at Emory University in 1976-78 and you were my favorite teacher. Although I transferred to Oberlin, your classes influenced my decision to major in Anthropology and women’s studies. I later went on to get a Masters in Public Health from Berkeley and a PhD from UCSF and Berkekey in Medical Anthropology. My nephew is graduating from Grinnell today, May 22,2023 and while watching live steam, what a surprise to see you on stage! I wanted to say “Thank you” for helping me become passionate about Anthropology. Thank you!
    Lisa Handwerker, PhD, MPH


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